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    Our story

    Meet Team BEKIBO 


    Bekah Davies

    Founder & CEO

    The founder Bekah Davies has always had a passion for leading an active and healthy lifestyle, and a real intrigue in seeking out and trialling the latest luxury activewear and wellness brands. Whilst it’s really exciting to see the wellness industry growing and nurturing a range of emerging brands, there is now an overwhelming spread of options for wellness brands, and it’s sometimes hard to know where to even begin your search, which reviews to trust, let alone which purchase you should make. In today’s time- poor and hectic schedules, she started to notice a gap in the market for a platform that would do all of the hard work for her, and so she set about creating the first ever online destination, BEKIBO, to discover the most simple, stylish, on-trend wellness brands.“

    Travelling has had a huge influence into how Bekah now leads her my own life, and the types of brands she trusts and loves. From her time spent living in Sydney, where the work-life balance is so refreshing and juxtaposed to London, to her city-trips to Europe’s design hubs such as Copenhagen, she wanted to create a one-stop destination that celebrates and incorporates all of the best bits she’s experienced; minimalistic design, balance, simplicity and wellness